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Conscious Eating

Conscious and lively eating consultation will accompany you towards a healthier lifestyle and will train you to change current habits quickly and effectively.


It will provide you with tools and tricks, knowledge and a large dose of motivation. The result is that in a few days you will detoxify and heal your physical body and reestablish the balance of your body in a comfortable and effective way.


The plan is personalized since each person is unique and special and that is why it is convenient to individualize the diet according to the metabolism, its constitution and physiology.


- The first benefit you will notice is an increase in your energy.

- Recovery of your ideal weight eliminating undesired fat.

- Immune system and stronger body. 

- You will feel happier and radiant.

- Skin and hair strengthening and hydration.

- Intestine and Stomach Disinflammation

- You will alkalize and remineralize your organism.

- Suppress of intestinal and candid parasites.

- Flexibility of the body and stronger muscles.

- Eliminates cellulitis.

- Elimination of dandruff, eczema and skin problems.

- You will eradicate allergies.

- Increase your memory and mental lucidity.

-Regulation of the thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system.

- Food as cancer prevention.

- You will reverse type 2 diabetes and allow you to significantly reduce insulin in type 1 diabetes.

- Good for depression and any emotional disorder, etc., etc., etc.

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