Holistic Way to Heal 

3 in 1 Massage

(Energy Therapy + Vibrational Therapy + Aromatherapy)


As energy therapies seek to balance our 7 chakras (energy points), vibrational therapy is a technique of natural harmonization acting on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. It allows you to obtain complete relaxation and its effect is healing.

These two therapies, fused with aromatherapy, will help you heal and balance all your being.


Aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment focused on the use of natural and essential oils that promotes physical and mental well-being.


We offer you to achieve all the benefits for the body through the fusion of these three millenary techniques, in a single session of one hour in our spa.


Horqueta's end of main Road, 200 mts La Tina Stop.
Horqueta, Boquete, Chiriquí,

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