Usui- Tibetan, Egiptian Reiki  and Pranic Healing

What are Energy Therapies?

Energy therapies are techniques that consist in balancing our body energy (7 chakras or energy points) and eliminate blockages and energy leaks that our body experiences throughout our life. The sessions are totally individualized and also seek balance, not only physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual. The ones that our therapist is an expert in are Usui-Tibetan Reiki, Egyptian Reiki and Pranic Healing.


-Calms you down and eliminate stress and anxiety

- The immune system gets activated.

- Stimulates creativity, concentration, and memory.

-Help spiritual growth.

-Relieves fears and phobias

-Provokes a total feeling of relaxation and peace

-Releaves insomnia

- Balance the energy points of our body.


* Reiki is one of the complementary therapies recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

We offer

-Reiki Usui - Tibetan

-Egyptian Reiki

-Pranic healing


All of our therapies are completely individualized and at the end of each session a closing is made commenting on what happened in the therapy.

Horqueta's end of main Road, 200 mts La Tina Stop.
Horqueta, Boquete, Chiriquí,

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