The best medicine for the body

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a millenary practice that helps you balance your physical, mental and spiritual body and obtain a variety of benefits. It consists of a series of "asanas" (postures) to achieve an end to relieve all kinds of ailments and even reverse pains and diseases according to the correct postures.


For example: If you have problems in the spine, cervical, dorsal or lumbar, insomnia, stress, chronic diseases, etc.


We offer:

Yoga Classes:


Group Sessions

- Beginner

- Medium



Yogaroma: Yoga with aromatherapy. Fusion of these two ancestral disciplines. In our Spa we combine the practice of yoga with postures and essences aimed at working what our being needs at each moment to help us balance our energetic vortices to be in harmony with Nature and the Universe. Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga in a personalized way, according to your needs.

Many are the benefits that Yoga  can offer you:

1. Improve your health.

2. Lose Weight.

3. Increase Flexibility and Mobility

4. Inner Peace

5. Relief of Tensions and Contractures.

6. Strengthening the Immune System, back, joints.

7. Correct body posture.

8. Increase Energy, concentration, memory.

9. Decrease stress, anxiety, depression, muscle aches.

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