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Mountainous Region

Tao: The Journey towards Wisdom

Welcome to Our Movement to Inspire

We are a women-driven group called The Coffee's Tao, where through our experiences, we want to show you the beauty and importance of Nature's purpose, its message, and the lessons it can teach you. The Coffee's Tao will help you discover the diamond within you and strengthen all the potential you have inside.


The Members and Authors of The Coffee's Tao


Marilin Monroy de Lill

Political Science, Practicing Lawyer for more than 30 years in international business management. Speaker in Business, Leadership and Emotional Growth. Specialist in Organic and Artisanal Coffee Cultivation.

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Gisela Lammerts van Bueren Barrera

Phd in Educational Sciences and public speaker in workshops, presentations and seminars in communication, self-esteem, time management, teamwork, etc. Life coach, self-help and emotional facilitator of EFT or Tapping.


María Jesús Navarro

Certified Therapist Public Speaker in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, Motivational Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Usui-Tibetan Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Pranic Healing.


 Lorraine Brigitte Lill

Graduated in Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Entrepreneur and Businessperson in an Ecological Hotel and restaurant franchise. Speaker on youth leadership and green businesses.

Our Eco Shop

Our Book

The Tao of Coffee: Discover the diamond within you" is an invaluable gift for all those who want to make a change from city life to the countryside, where three women (lawyer-chef-draftswoman) leave their professions to sign an agreement with Mother Earth and ensure that EVERYONE enjoys an Ethical Coffee in a small town called Boquete, located in Panama.

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