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Eco Horqueta is the first eco-friendly hotel in Boquete, Chiriquí

Where we use natural light and the natural elements provided by Mother Earth in an integrated manner

Our Story

Eco Horqueta: An Academy of Life

Since its foundation in 2015, it has undergone a notable transformation into a sustainable tourism center. This project has gradually changed and has established itself as a space dedicated to the appreciation of nature, animals, historical wealth and local and international culinary importance.

ecohroqueta team

Marilin Monroy De Lill

Coffee Specialist and Co-Owner


Our Main Team

The team at EcoHorqueta plays a fundamental role, being key to the operation and success of our ecological hotel. Your dedication and commitment are essential to maintain and promote sustainable practices, ensuring a unique and environmentally friendly experience for our guests.


Lorraine Lill

Co-Owner and Hotel - Food Manager

Pol Piñol Jorde

Partner- Private Chef and Coffee Enthusiast

Our philosophy

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Our goal at EcoHorqueta is to combine hospitality with sustainability. You become an active ally in environmental conservation by choosing to stay at our lodge. Every stage of our operations has been designed to reduce our impact on the environment and benefit the local community and natural environment.

By booking a room with us, you are making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainable practices, such as using solar panels in our bungalows and promoting organic ingredients in our cuisine, reflects our dedication to protecting nature.

100% sustainable with solar energy, spring water, Sustainable cuisine and  noise-free

Three private bungalows for two or three people with bathroom and private terrace.

Eco Coffee house with ancestral coffee tour

2 hectares of private trails made with recycled tires.

Main bungalow with cafeteria, room, dining room and terrace to share with other visitors and family

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